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My Story

Hi, thank you for stopping by! I am a certified Yoga Instructor, Tea Sommelier and owner of Happi Dani! 


Happi Dani was created through my own journey of self love and inner happiness. After many years of struggling with anxiety, depression and working an unfulfilling desk job, I began searching for more joy and purpose in my life.

During this time I also started writing positive affirmations as a way to reset my own limiting self beliefs and to reconnect to the true essence of me. These affirmations can be found on each of my tea blends which you can use during your own yoga practice or every day life.


The positive affirmations, along with the combination of yoga and tea has allowed me to deepen my practice (on and off the mat), whilst bringing with it a greater sense of joy and self awareness - which eventually led me to follow my own path and do what I love!

When I'm not creating a new blend or deepening my yoga practice, you can find me exploring different places, trying new food and spending time on my paddleboard in the summer!

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